• Primary Investigator, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Fall 2010 to Summer 2012

  • Conducted a qualitative case study on the use of graphic novels with advanced English/Language Arts (ELA) students in two separate locations; utilized interviews, observations, and questionnaires; participants included 14 students and 2 teachers from two school sites

  • Primary Investigator, UNC-CH Graduate and Professional Student Federation, Fall 2010 to Spring 2011 Conducted internal survey, using Qualtrics, on job satisfaction of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill teaching, research, and graduate assistants; over 500 participants


PUBLICATIONS [Peer Reviewed]

  • Gillenwater, C. (2014). Reading images: The phenomenon of intertextuality and how it may contribute to developing visual literacy with Advanced Placement English/language arts students. Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research, 8, 251-263.



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  • Director and Cinematographer, James Marshall: An Intellectual Journey, 2008. Interviewed Dr. James Marshall, Auckland University, about his past, present, and future work in Philosophy of Education.

  • Producer and Cinematographer, The Town Before Brown (Documentary), UNC-TV, 2007. Interviewed and filmed participants as they discussed life in Chapel Hill, NC, prior to the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision; assisted in editing The Town Before Brown.

  • Director and Cinematographer, Middle Grades Program (Institutional video), 2006 Interviewed middle-grade program students about their experiences in the program; filmed a digital video that represents the three tenets of the middle grades program at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



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  • The City of Chicago v. Chicago Home Healthcare Agency (January 2014)

  • The State of Arkansas v. Northport Health Services of Arkansas, LLC. (May 2014)

  • The City of Philadelphia v. Crossroads Hospice of Philadelphia (June 2014)

  • The State of Mississippi v. Our Family Home Hospice (November 2014)

  • The State of Kansas v. Edwards County Hospital & Healthcare Center, LLC (November 2014)

  • The City of Miami v. JFK Regional Medical Center (February 2015)

  • The State of Virginia v. Home Nursing Service of Southwest Virginia (August 2015)

  • The State of Texas v. National Medical Home Care (February 2016) 

  • The State of Tennessee v. Methodist Healthcare (September 2015)




  • Operational in Assembly Languages, Tcl/Tk, C/C++, Fortran, Forth, Pascal, XML, JavaScript, PHP, Tcl/Tk and C based Network Test applications including a complete test automation framework.

  • Configuration, Management, Installation and Testing of Servers, Routers and Switches by Cisco, Extreme, Nortel and others. Developed and implemented complex network tests using smart bits equipment for Cisco and United Airlines.

  • Protocols include TCP/IP, IPV4, IPV6, IPV6. Mobel and most others.

  • Created client/ server applications for TCP/IP, Netware NLM’s and SNMP based applications.

  • Designed Microprocessor/ Microcontroller based systems using the PIC32MX, Intel x86 and 8096 processors, experienced in the Z-80, the 290- and 29116-Bit Slice processors. 

  • Developed hardware and firmware for an IBM Mainframe Channel interface.

  • Architecting hardware and software projects, including a field deployable disposable sensor array for U.S. Navy SOCOM and Autonomous Control Appliances.

  • Created DLL’s to interface proprietary DLL’s to LabView™ and wrote hundreds of LabView™ VI’s “Virtual Interment’s” to facilitate ease of use.

  • Interface development DLL for Spirent proprietary DLL’s to HP VEE-Pro™ and associated validation tests. Wrote an emulation of IBM PHIGS procedure processor in C and Pascal.

  • Created and maintained UNIX Shell Scripts and C based Client/Server Printer applications (SOCKETS and TLI) that functioned on over 25 types of UNIX Hosts. Ported Spirent smart bits software to HPUX and FreeBSD. Experienced in “make” file creation, management and modifications.




  • Established complex donor management system web-based internal interface, to track individual donors with integration to corporate and managed endowment agencies (2008, Senator Henry M. Jackson Group).

  • Developed Constructus corporate identity, including logo, branding, introduction videos, and a secure data integrated web deployment. Elements included the client’s complex non-disclosure and legal processes. Seamless integration of agency and government data established authorization levels providing end-user specific, pre-approved product specification details (2010, Constructis).

  • Created a complex data-integrated and content management system internally and a web-based solution with a smooth interface. Interactive functions included; class registration, gallery browsing, e-commerce and auction capabilities.   The web solution required an intuitive back-end interface and version control, so users could update the site quickly and with little training (2007-2015, Vashon Allied Arts).

  • Directed the Onyx Software corporate site including planning and development of data integration including a robust Customer Management Database, dynamic, content-driven client extranets, instant, one-click interactive sales demonstrations, and multiple partner sites (2000-2008, Onyx Software).

  • Advanced and implemented an administrative tool for Microsoft’s Security Department including a locking hardware management system for tracking 30,000 + constantly changing records and a records automation database tracking all security and safety related activity.  The system provided an automated trend analysis and met extensive chain-of-evidence legal requirements (1991-1997, ACSS @ Microsoft).





  • Developed the in-person Food Worker Card course group offering materials in English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Russian and Vietnamese. The program focused on prevention of disease through sanitation, safe food and water, proper disposal of wastes and toxins, and promoting safe and healthy environmental conditions throughout King County (2008, King County, Washington State).

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