John is the Founding Principal of Silvertip and a public scholar whose research on transcendental thought and higher-order thinking are available on Amazon Books, in ProQuest academic research libraries, and The Library of Congress. A graduate of BENEDICTINE UNIVERSITY, CHICAGO, with an MBA in International Management, and NCU, San Diego, with a Ph.D. in eLearning.




Clark is a teaming-partner specializing in applying advanced statistical methodologies and data analysis to complex problems.  Clark received his bachelor’s with the highest distinction from Cal Tech in both Mathematics and Economics and did his graduate work in Economics at Boston University.

BOSTON UNIVERSITY:  Boston, MA MS Economics, Specializations in Econometrics and Non-Parametric Modeling



Joanna directs quantitative analysis and has a Ph.D. in Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins University and an M.S. in Genetics from Northwestern University. She is a skilled statistician with 18 years of diverse research experience and an extensive background in all phases of study design. She is proficient in R, Stata, and Lisrel, and specializes in structural equation modeling, cluster analysis, item response theory, survival analysis, and latent class analysis. Joanna competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics in the first-ever Olympic Triathlon and is the 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Champion.





Martin is the Chief Analytics Officer. In that role, he oversees a team of over 30 analysts with diverse expertise in statistics, econometrics, and applied mathematics. In context diversification, he was a Professor of Mathematics and Theoretical Statistics at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and Co-Founder of a hedge fund specializing in arbitrage trading strategies. Martin holds a doctorate degree in Economics from Cambridge, as well as a Master’s degree in Econometrics. 




Ruth Jackson is Chief Executive Officer of RBJ Agency LLC, Arlington, Texas, and a Teaming Partner with Silvertip Research. She brings federal agency and taxation experience encompassing the Department of Revenue (IRS), US VI Bureau of Internal Revenue, and the Department of Homeland Security.   Ruth manages large system-wide services under performance-based contracts.  She streamlines workflow processes with money-saving efficiency.  She is experienced in selecting, training, and leading dedicated and diverse high performing project staffs including project management and computer software.  Ruth Jackson holds a BBA in Accounting from TEXAS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY and an MBA in management from AMBER UNIVERSITY.  SHE IS A CERTIFIED CONTRACTING OFFICER TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVE.



Cary has worked as a professional educator since 2001. Dr. Gillenwater taught middle school for five years prior to obtaining his Ph.D. in Education.  During his graduate studies, he was an instructor at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He taught courses on diversity and teacher education.  Since 2013, Dr. Gillenwater has worked for Northcentral University, first as a Subject Matter Expert, and currently as an Adjunct Dissertation Chair.  He was also the Senior Education Consultant for LearningStone, a web-based platform alternative to Learning Management Systems.  Dr. Gillenwater has experience in instructional design, and his primary knowledge claims are Media Literacy/Education, Visual Literacy, New Literacies, Teacher Education, and Curriculum & Development. His primary research focus is qualitative. Ph.D. THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL



Kurt Van Laar, CTO Xtensor Systems, is a Teaming Partner with Silvertip Research. At Xtensor, he is responsible for research and development related to military equipment and special projects. His work relates to missile countermeasures and decoy systems. He designed disposable sensor arrays for U.S. Navy SOCOM and Autonomous Control Appliances for the industry. He implements designs from hardware schematics, PCB layouts, and fabrication providing fully functioning products. Kurt has authored several NASA technical briefs related to laser spectrographic analysis and high-temperature seals for rocket engines. Kurt is a competent hardware/software system-level designer authoring several classified patents relating to aircraft decoys. His undergraduate degree is in Biology & Geography, CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY NORTHRIDGE.



Christine is Silvertip Chief of Research and Development. She extends Silvertip reach and impact in the community through partnerships with individuals, public and nonprofit agencies, community groups, educators, businesses, and branches of government. Before joining Silvertip Research, she created a curriculum and implemented the policy for various divisions of King County Public Health, Washington State. Prior to that, she was the Infant Learning Program Coordinator of South East Alaska. Christine holds a B.S in Education from THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, as well as a Master’s degree M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education - UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON



Jennifer Sullivan directs projects in multiple domains interfacing collectively through government and private sector technology. Among these; the Senator Henry M. (Scoop) Jackson Group; the strategic marketing initiatives for Onyx Software; and ACSS Microsoft system automated trend analysis for chain-of-evidence legal requirements.  As Webmaster for Free Range Media (FRM), Jennifer mounted garrison-style inside competency initiatives making way for FRM’s “1st place” in Internet World’s highly coveted Site Efficiency Index Award. Jennifer Sullivan is Microsoft Certified (ASP.NET), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Network Administration (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). She graduated in Business Administration and Computer Development from TREND BUSINESS & TECHNICAL COLLEGE 


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