An American Cable network approached us questing the methodology used by a rating agency measuring their number of viewers.  The ratings, based on relatively small sample sizes, showed extreme variance day to day (the primary cause of their low rating).  Through a combination of resampling, simulation, and bootstrapping techniques, Precision showed that the rating methodology used was grossly inaccurate.  Based on our findings, the rating agency changed the methodology used for network, and our client increased their advertising prices back to previous levels.​​


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A Medical School asked for assistance on a large-scale study on the risks faced by organ transplant centers.  Our analysis included a binary logistic regression to estimate the risk of transplant failure based on patient characteristics (such as age, gender, life support, etc.), followed by a Monte Carlo simulation to estimate the probability of closure of a transplant center due to failed transplants and insufficient transplant volume.

With a customer base including Nordstrom, Volkswagen, Coach, Pottery Barn, Barnes & Noble, Nike, Macy's, Washington University, Disney, Bergdorf Goodman, Ala Moana Mall, Columbus School of Law, Connecticut Convention Center, and the Chicago Public Library, a major US lighting and design house used our qualitative services to analyze internal employee considerations for an expansion move into market catalog products. The analysis helped the company ramp-up for increased market share expansion in Bangkok, Guam, Hong Kong, Kuwait, South Africa, Mexico, Dubai, and numerous showroom locations throughout the United States.


A Fortune 500 firm providing analytics for the healthcare industry contacted us for a determination on how to optimally impute missing values in their datasets due to a major retailer stopping the reporting of detailed sales data.  We began working with a multi-gigabyte dataset and designed an application for automatic model generation of tens of thousands of products. A custom script, created in R, gave the number of estimations required. The cluster computing techniques reduced the amount of time needed to complete the task.


Precision created a March Madness Bracket Optimizer for an online, and televised, sports news network. First, we analyzed the selection criteria that users follow when picking their brackets. Then we employed a machine learning algorithm to game theoretically, and account for possible biases among competitors.  Our method remains the selection tool for this annual tournament.


A global purchaser of domain names contacted us to build an algorithm estimating the value of a given domain name prior to purchase.  Using their purchase decision data set, involving billions of data points, we produced an automated valuation tool.  The client is currently working with us on another project related to the application of concepts from Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to their holdings of domain names.


A water bottle manufacturing company hired us to analyze bottle weight data from a variety of product lines and compare to those of its competitors.  We conducted the analysis and found a statistically significant difference in bottle weights, which our client used in a new advertising campaign.


A peanut butter producer contacted us to analyze the variance in the consistency of their product.  From factory visits, we designed an experiment to collect the needed data.  We used Principal Component Analysis to determine the likely sources of variation, and related significance.  Within 6 months, our findings created the frame for a corporate initiative and, using our strategy, they improved their peanut butter.


A Fortune 500 credit card company hired us to determine the optimal bundle of benefits, including delivery times, to their customers.  We conducted a Shapley Value analysis that allowed the client to improve their benefits offerings in several ways. 


A research institute specializing in cancer cell biology contacted us after their internal statistics team had difficulty working with an immense dataset, as well as working with the types of models needed.  We conducted a large-scale data analysis requiring Kaplan-Meier survival analysis, Cox Regression, and Linear Growth Curve Modeling.


A global leader, in the creation and placement of slot machines, retained us to conduct a comprehensive payout structure analysis of their entire portfolio.  We worked with the client to develop a proxy for player enjoyment based on volatility and expected loss and maximized that latent variable with respect to various proposed payout structures.



  • CPS Energy v. AT&T (September 2011)

  • Camacho v. American Textile (May 2012)


  • Lozada v. Classic (May 2011)

  • Sanchez v. La Brea (October 2011)

  • Barrera v. Bottega (November 2011)

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  • The State of Ohio v. Hillebrand Rehabilitation Center (January 2012)

  • The State of Arkansas v. Heritage Living, Inc. (January 2012)

  • The State of Ohio v. Wesley Glen Services (January 2012)

  • The State of Kentucky v. Princeton University (January 2012)

  • The State of South Carolina v. Amedisys, Inc. (February 2012)

  • Borjavs v. Liborio (February 2012)

  • The State of New York v. St. Elizabeth Centers, Inc. (February 2012)

  • Gutierrez v. Vista CreditUnion (February 2012)

  • The State of Nebraska v. PhysMed, Inc. (March 2012)

  • The State of Tennessee v. Grandview Medical, Inc. (March 2012)

  • The State of Tennessee v. CHC Memphis, LLC (March 2012)

  • Negrete v. Cenveo (March 2012)

  • The State of Kentucky v. Nazareth Literary & Benevolent (April 2012)

  • Lopez v. Trojan (May 2012)

  • Arellano v. Spotless (June 2012)

  • The State of Texas v. Angels Unlimited Home Health (October 2012)

  • The State of New Jersey v. Villa Springfield (December 2012)

  • The State of South Carolina v. Heritage Home of Florence, Inc. (January 2013)

  • The State of California v. Psychcare of Louisiana (February 2013)

  • The State of Arizona v. Cypress Home Care, Inc. (February 2013)

  • The State of Texas v. Gold Horses, LLC. (February 2013)

  • The State of North Carolina v. Lutheran Home at Trinity Oaks (March 2013)

  • The State of Ohio v. Berger Hospital (April 2013)

  • The State of North Carolina v. Silver Bluff, LLC. (November 2013)

  • The State of Chicago v. Chicago Home Healthcare Agency (January 2014)

  • The State of Arkansas v. Northport Health Services of Arkansas, LLC. (May 2014)

  • The State of Philadelphia v. Crossroads Hospice of Philadelphia (June 2014)

  • The State of Mississippi v. Our Family Home Hospice (November 2014)

  • The State of Kansas v. Edwards County Hospital & Healthcare Center, LLC (November 2014)

  • The City of Miami v. JFK Regional Medical Center (February 2015)

  • The State of Virginia v. Home Nursing Service of Southwest Virginia (August 2015)

  • The State of Tennessee v. Methodist Healthcare (September 2015)

  • The State of Texas v. National Medical Home Care (February 2016)


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