Silvertip Research is a large impact organization.  Many companies like to discuss Return on Investment (ROI). ROI is a comparison of the profits generated to the money invested. Making more than the investment is an obvious preferred outcome. However, when Division Vice Presidents are called to the C-Suite to explain how a mandated launch is progressing - on the VP’s unwavering decision to pull millions out of the overall budget to establish a beachhead in a tightly controlled environment - there better be more on the table than a good idea!


The smart organizations continue to bring in Silvertip Research because they fully understand hard decisions rest on these ongoing initiatives. And, if [a] Division Vice President’s argument stumbles at the conference table, Wall Street will vaporize the organization’s value, as the “good idea” team exits the building carrying their ubiquitous small cardboard boxes.


Silvertip Research is about validation in the Executive Office. Stakeholders must understand that an initiative carve-out, measured in millions of dollars, is analyzed with inexhaustible detail.  Management decisions must be viable in difficult circumstances. If risk/reward validation is not sophisticated in the face of Wall Street and the Courts, the organization’s investor value is at risk.


The Silvertip Research team found that a Fortune 500 firm delivering analytics for the healthcare industry had missing values in their datasets. Our team became operational designing a function for prototypical programmed origination. The numbers that dropped to the bottom line remain classified under our Non-Disclosure Agreement (STRNDA), however, take a minute and use your imagination about our capacity with this example. A sextillion is a billion gigabytes times a thousand. If translated to hard copies of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, the stack is 47 Billion miles high.


In Law work, the Silvertip team is usually a tiny part of the total legal fees; consider a case worth $50 million in judgement, with say $20 million in legal fees, we only represent $20K-$40k or 0.1-0.2% of the total fees, but much of what we do has a very large impact on the size of the judgement (far higher than 0.1 to 0.2%).


So, if, for example,  0.04% was our fee, to your $50,000,000.00 judgment.

 - You tell me. Was it worth it? Our clients say YES.

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